Fearless (cont)...

Last week we dropped off a kid that was fearless about lots of things...

leaving his parents
saying goodbye to his sisters
hanging out with big kids...

The list goes on and on. Our biggest prayer was that he would continue to be fearless in his walk with the Lord. That he wouldn't be afraid to set examples in his actions, speech, love and purity for the Lord (1 Timothy 4:12) and that he would have some fun while doing it.

Each night as we would look through the pictures posted by the camp - we could see those prayers being answered.

Even if he was covered in mud!!! 

When we picked him up, we immediately noticed some things... 

1. He was in his water shoes... with SOCKS. Y'all. How adorable is that?
2. He was horse - he had been screaming and singing and playing so hard that he could barely talk. 
3. He was proud - you could just see how excited he was to tell us all about his week. 
4. He was older - a week away from us and he had grown a mile. 

We gathered around to listen to his counselors tell us about the week and how great the campers were even with the all the rain. 

They went on to give out camp awards - each camper receives recognition for a biblical trait and Radley was recognized for his tenacity. Never giving up - and not just as in he didn't quit something, but they specifically recognized him for not allowing others to quit either. For being persistent. For motivating his team. For playing hard. For getting everyone excited and fired up. 

I press on toward the goal unto the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. 

(Phil. 3:14)

We snapped a quick pic with his cabin...the zeBROS... 

and one with Nicky P. and Benji... 

and then headed to the Ark for one last worship time. Can I just say that there is nothing sweeter than watching your kid along with 300 of their new friends be fired up for Jesus. 

Tired but happy. Caroline was given the "I am Third award" again for her precious heart and being the camper in her cabin that always put Jesus first, others second and herself last. So proud of her and thankful for the example she sets for others - even me! Davis got the friendly award for being a good friend to others all around camp!

The super six was reunited and all was right in our world again. 

The best part was that they didn't want to leave. Don't get me wrong, we clearly wanted them home with us, but they didn't want to leave, and that makes us as parents so happy with the decision to send them. To let them grow. To let them explore and discover and learn and be fearless. 

Only 10 more days until we send those middle two off... I pray that they have as much fun as their bigs did!

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