Fearlessly creative...

We dropped this girl off at Carolina Creek last Wednesday and she and I were both a ball of nerves. She just seems so much littler than Radley ever was and sane or not, it felt harder. Their personalities and self-assuredness are so different from one another and I wasn't quite sure that I was gonna make it. She on the other hand, well... as SOON as we got there, her excitement took over and she was ready for a week of fun with her fellow Giraffes!

It also helped that Anna was with her. 

She scored the top bunk and once she figured out how to climb up and jump down, she was good to go! Her brother was incredibly jealous because he ended up with a bottom bunk this year - ha!

One last little kiss goodbye and our girl was facing a major milestone! I was already counting down the days until we picked her up on Saturday!

Carolina Creek does an awesome job of posting pictures every night - Emmy did an awesome job of making sure her hair was well represented! :) (She's bottom right). 

We did get to see her face on Jersey Thursday representing the Aggies of course!

That giant smile on her face put a giant calming in my heart. What a great big, strong, confident, brave kid we have in her. She had been so nervous and we had prayed for two weeks about filling her heart with courage and seeking Him in fear - and those prayers were answered!

Each picture was a tiny glimpse into her big days of fun and I couldn't help but giggle each time we found a new picture of Emersyn. She was definitely in heaven - her hair was down and she managed to wear every article of clothing we sent with her (even the extras - including BLUE JEANS which is crazy.) Radley's first year of camp, I'm pretty sure he didn't even change clothes. 

Saturday morning finally arrived and we were able to sneak a peek into their breakfast routine... 

and watch them walk out of "The BEASTro" back to their cabins for awards. 

She was so excited to see her Daddy - he had a District meeting during drop-off and wasn't able to hug her bye. She's used to not seeing him during the week at this point, but it never really gets easier. She couldn't jump in his arms fast enough!

Twins. For real. 

Each child is given a biblical characteristic that they exhibited that week and it was no surprise that Emersyn was recognized for her creativity. Our girl creates new games and activities all day, every day. She is a teacher/chef/mom/worker girl (that's someone that builds things)/sister at all times. She is such a light and I love that they recognized this gift in her. 

Ephesians 2:10
For we are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

Listening to each gift these girls were recognized with was another answered prayer - we pray that our children are surrounded by people that build them up and set positive examples and that is exactly what this week sounded like. 

I think they also had a **tiny** bit of fun, too!

She's already started her letters to Miss Tabby and Miss Kellie - complete with some drawings of course. 

We headed to the Ark for one last worship time and she insisted on walking with them. 

CCCC did it again and posted closing day pics on Sunday - check out my sweet girl and her friends singing their praise for Jesus. I love this!

Radley managed to make his way down to his counselors for this part of the program - we could seriously leave him there all summer. 

So glad these two had such a great week!

And so so so glad this crew was reunited!!

This isn't goodbye, though, something tells me we will be seeing this place for years to come. 


  1. Precious...she does look so teeny! How fun are those cabins?!

    1. They are so dang fun! The kids LOVE trying to guess which one they will be in - and each one has a super cute hand sign. Darling. They also have a fire pole from the top to bottom that the kids can slide down. #jealous

  2. That looks like a fun camp! My daughter leaves on Monday for camp. I already told her to make sure she gets into some pictures so we can see her!

    1. That's awesome - how long will she be there? My son said he followed the photographer around which totally doesn't surprise me. I told him to make sure he does that every year! HAHA!