Counselor for a Day...

Out of all three kids, Emersyn has the ability to hone in on the feelings of others. I think it's the gift of being in the middle - she's surrounded by the big and little and with that comes awareness.  She is set on making the world a better place always coming up with a service project or game that "saves people", constantly reminding me that the smallest gestures make the biggest impact. 

People are drawn to her and we always talk about how she can use that to serve others and be a light in the dark. Each year at the school festival you can purchase experiences at the silent auction and we've made first grade that year for the kids (no idea why). I was not at all surprised when Emersyn wanted to be Counselor for a Day. 

"Mrs. Brewer helps so many people, Mommy." 

As we walked in to the gym that morning, she grabbed my hand and said that her stomach hurt. I knew that she was nervous but she insisted she was sick and needed to go home. I managed to convince her to try to power through for an hour...by the time she made it up to Mrs. Brewer, well....

all better.

Baby sister managed to sneak in some hugs, too. The feeling that you get seeing your children well loved by people that have no reason to do so other than they want to... y'all, what a gift these educators are to us. 

Wasn't long for the backpack to come off and she got down to business. 

They have a dance party every Friday in the gym and it's basically the cutest thing you can imagine experiencing and it may be because of all of those teachers and administrators dancing.

She got to hang out with one of Rad's besties, Gabe, who was Principal for a day. I love watching these kids grow up together. 

I really love the moments you get to catch them in their element. This girl really is going to change the world. She's creative and compassionate. She has the biggest laugh in the tiniest body. She is giving and gracious and silly and smart. She gives me such amazing guidance through her actions and I couldn't be prouder that she's mine. 

I was amazed by how much they packed into their day - handed out awards, set up lunch for teachers, visited the administrative offices, grabbed food, and I think she said they ran to Sam's!

It's no wonder she had those pants rolled up by the end of the day!

I love seeing a fire for school in their eyes, I love that they look forward to their weekdays as much as their weekends. Programs and experiences like this fuel that fire for education and I only wish that every single kid had the chance to share their days like this.  These teachers and administrators are constantly thinking of ways to keep them excited to learn! I can't wait to see what CHE is doing to celebrate Children's Book Week - I have some fun things planned here so make sure to come back tomorrow! 

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