Our farm girl...

Emersyn is pretty obsessed with farms. And by farms, I mean chicken coops. She wants a "farm" so dang bad. And now she also wants chickens and a goat. She loves checking on our garden and is convinced we could grow all of our own food. So, a trip to P-6 Farms for her field trip was PERFECT.

I had a transitions meeting that morning but I was able to hop in the car with Jen later and we met them at lunch and just in time for some strawberry picking.

I love getting to know all of her friends and see the personalities come to life in the kids that I hear so much about every day.

These were some cute kids filled with tons of energy!

I mean, can you even handle how dang cute she is?

I tried to do this with her one time and almost died. Like I have never been more dizzy in my life. I'm too tall (ha!) so I had to look down the whole time and I just couldn't finish. We ended up laying there for at least 5 minutes with tears rolling down our face because Emmy thought I was hysterical.

CHE Dual Language Green Group.... I wonder if we can talk them in to recreating this in high school? 

Or maybe this one...

So thankful for the time we get with these kiddos. In a blink these days go by and I want to soak up every second I can!

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