Awards Season...

The end of school means class parties, no homework, too many cookies and my personal favorite, AWARDS DAY! I honestly can't believe the end of another year is here.

Emmy was pretty excited about the morning, but she was even more excited that her little sister was there to cheer her on. Her class was last to receive their awards so we had to wait for a while but I really do love seeing all these kiddos get recognized for their gifts and talents.

In the middle of the ceremony we noticed Emmy's line shifted rather quickly - turns out one of her classmates got sick. Well, the teachers were shuffling kids and handing out awards so.... 

And then it was time for Emersyn to get recognized...

"Good" attendance and Making Connections (which we can't decide if that's about making friends or critical thinking) either way we are so proud of our girl. And more importantly, she was so proud of herself!

I love that they couldn't decide where to look except Emmy just watched me because she appreciates a good picture as much as I do.

They finished in plenty of time to snap some pictures with her teachers... they have been such a wonderful support for her this year. She is so sad to leave them!

She hit the jackpot with teachers and friends (and even little sisters).

Gigi of course made the trip!

And I couldn't pass up a shot with my girl!

We all broke for lunch/work/errands and made our way back to school for Radley's awards.

Good Attendance
A/B Honor Roll
Noetic Math Competitor
UIL Participant
Intuitive Thinker Award

But that wasn't all - he was most excited about the final award...

He tied for second in Road Runners - a program in our district that recognizes running at PE. He ran 256 laps this year which is SIXTY FOUR MILES! Y'all - this kid ran more in 3rd grade that I did in my entire high school career!

This is how Landry fell about it.

Rad's awards were at the end of the day so we were pressed or time with pics.

These girls were so proud of their brother!!!

Another year, another award season, another excuse for me to be proud of this crew!

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