Tiny Tales Thursday...

Emersyn has been keeping me rolling with the things she says lately...

At Easter she kept reminding us all that the weekend was so special because Jesus "rolled in the from the dead." Rolled in, y'all. Like He was driving a convertible and just rolled on in.


One of my students needed a place to stay the past month so we gladly welcomed her to our house. We set up Landry's bed in the playroom for her to use and moved out the things that the kids play with most. There's been a few times that the girls have had to go in there for something.

One day Emmy went in there to grab some doll clothes and came out saying, "Momma - Miss Mollie's room is like an obstacle course. Jump over this, move around that, I mean....stuff.is.every where!"

(I mostly need this one documented to remind her of this when she's in the teenage years to come!)


Miss Mollie has been a big blessing and watches the kids sometimes. She sent me this text about a conversation she had with Emmy during a storm...

Emmy: Miss Mollie, can I talk to Jesus?
MM: You can talk to Jesus all the time sweet girl.
Emmy: Good, I think that he has a computer or something that changes the weather and I need him to change it!

Homegirl don't like thunder.

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