Frankie and Johnny...

We would like to introduce the two newest members of our dynasty...

Frankie Snow King
Johnny Thundercat King

Frankie and Johnny are already so loved!

A fellow coach at Josh's school lives on a ton of land and his cat had kittens in early April. Ryan and I had been toying with the idea of getting two kittens and these two practically landed right in our lap. Being able to bring home kittens in the summer was perfect timing and the kid's were so excited!

We didn't tell them where we were going today just that we had to "run a quick errand" and when they finally realized what was happening, I heard squeals and saw tears of joy!

And the kids were excited, too.

Getting kittens wasn't an easy decision - we all miss Mitch and Merv still, so we knew that our new cats would have to be special. On the car ride home we also decided that their names would need to "go" together... ideas were thrown out:

Betty and George (as in Ross and Washington)
Abraham and George (as in Lincoln and Washington)
Thunder and Storm
Snow and Lightening 

and so on.

Kids are hard to please.

Well, Ryan's favorite name in the entire world is Johnny. He really wanted us to name Radley Johnny so when he said, "What about Johnny?" I knew that was it and then instantly thought of Frankie because this

Sidenote: having a "Frankie" keeps in line with our pets with mobster name theme.

They played with those kittens all day long. Holding, petting, singing, napping... poor critters couldn't catch a break. But I can't blame them... because I'm pretty smitten, too. 

Welcome to the family... we love you already!

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