Children's Book Week + Giveaway

There is not much more our family loves to do together than read books. I did a quick scan this weekend and our book count is over 200 these days and that's just the ones that we've kept! In honor of Children's Book Week, I am partnering with Dr. Smith's to share five of our family's favorite books to read together. Dr. Smith's diaper rash products saved my kids from so many tears when they were in diapers, and we've been loyal fans of the brand ever since. They were awesome enough to sponsor a giveaway in honor of Children's Book Week, so keep on reading for your chance to win!

Toddler Years... 

For us, books have to be fun, especially when the kiddos were small. There was only so many times I could read Go Dog, Go. You can't go wrong with Sandra Boynton - our favorite by far is Barnyard Dance.  This one always got the kids on their feet, dancing and singing along!

And this book. Don't let the cover fool you. Yes, it may have no pictures but what it does have is non-stop giggles from everyone from the 3 year old to the daddy. 

Early Readers

I love the early years of kids learning to read. We really try to encourage the kids to read on their own as much as they can and these two series are perfect for that.

Junie B. Jones by Barbara Park is hysterical. I LOVE reading them with Emersyn. They start when she is in kindergarten and continue through first grade. 

Now, while there is an order, Emersyn is my free spirit kid. She doesn't care a bit which order we read them in as long as we read them and we are always guaranteed a smile. 

When Radley was in first grade, he discovered the Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne. These are also in order, and he strictly followed that order. He made it to book 42 but I think they go all the way up to 70+. We love that these books are full of adventure but also educational!

If you need more proof that these books are well loved and adored in our house - check out the kids picks for their annual book character parade. Left to right: Jack from Magic Tree House, The Book with No Pictures, Harry Potter (more in a second) and Junie B. Jones. 

Intermediate - Advanced Reader

I got it in my head that when each kid hits second grade we would start a series together. I also decided in college that I was going to wait to read Harry Potter until I had kids of my own. Best crazy planning thing I have ever done because the last two years of reading together with Radley has been one of my most precious memories to date. 

Besides just loving the story, the time we have spent together lost in these pages is irreplaceable! He has taken this time to ask me hard questions and I have used this time to help teach some hard lessons. 

We are halfway through book 7 (so no spoilers, please!) and I have loved every single page. (And we are nearing 4000!!!) Emmy starts a series next year and I wouldn't be one bit disappointed if she decided she wanted to read this series, too. 

JK. Rowling recently released these exquisite illustrated editions of The Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets so we gifted them to Radley for Christmas.

I may have to gift them to myself next!

Links to our five favorite books:

Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton
Junie B. Jones by Barbara Park
Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne
Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

And today is your lucky day because ALL of the books pictured above + a $50 Amazon gift card AND some amazing life-changing diaper rash products could be YOURS courtesy of Dr. Smith's in celebration of Children's Book Week. You may enter through May 7, 2017 below!

This post was sponsored by Dr. Smith's diaper rash products but all opinions are my own. 

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