I blinked...

And then this happened.

I feel like I waited my whole life to "grow up" and become a mom. And then since that day I've slept twice and woke up for the baby to graduate Pre-K. 

I mean how in the world?!?!

Landry was seriously the most excited I have ever seen her. She could not stop talking about her "gwad-u-a-shun" all week and she was doubly excited that Gigi and Pops would be there. 

We were so ahead of schedule that we took all the pictures before dropping Landry back at class - I was actually a fan because my photography skills aren't great so we had plenty of time to check lighting and then use the auto setting anyway. HA!

She's definitely the baby because both Emersyn AND Radley requested a picture with "just Landry". I am the first to let you know that I don't have perfect kids. They fuss and fight and drive me BSC on the regular. But y'all, they love so well and so big and there is not one thing in this entire world that could make me happier than watching them share that love with each other. 

Ryan and I took her outside to snap some quick pics and when I was flipping through the shots I couldn't help but notice how much we have changed. 

Those lines at the corner of our eyes didn't exist five years ago (well, at least not in the numbers that we have now). But when I see the smiles and joy that accompany those lines, I'd add more if it meant that the joy would also multiply.

Cindy and I had discussed whether or not we thought we would cry. 


That music started, those kids started walking and the tears were flowing. Watching your children grow up is one of life's cruelest absolutes and most beautiful gifts rolled into one. The sadness of knowing that you can't get time back is lessened by the joy of watching them succeed. 

This group has been so much fun to watch. These girls in particular are a force to be reckoned with and I just ADORE them. Landry can't walk out of class without being hugged by at least 5 people. Every single day. Can you imagine how much happier your day would be if five people INSISTED on giving you a "huggie" every.single.day. you left work?


They sang sweet songs and silly songs, we watched a slide show and every single kid got to speak on the microphone, which is, let's be honest, their dream come true. 

Then it was time for the main event... DIPLOMAS!

Do you know what's way more awesome than sitting through HS and college graduations? Watching PreK kids basically run up to get a piece of paper validating how "big" they are and basically signing off on "you are now ready for kindergarten."

As they were wrapping up, Landry had her turn to speak... 

"Thank you fa being the best pewents in da entiya woyald"

And then looked straight at me with a "MOM I DID IT!!!" 

She couldn't stop grinning which was perfect since we needed to snap a pic of Uncle Pete, Cristina and Kailyn.

We also had to snap just a couple more pics with some special people. Parker and Landry have been best buds since they learned to walk. I can remember picking her up from Bumblebees (the 2 year old class) and hearing all about what she and Parker had done that day from the teachers. They just connected and adore each other. 

And of course Millie. Landry's pretty sad that they aren't going to the same school next year.

"Mommy... Millie and I decided that we are going to cry at graduation. She's going to cry for me and I'm going to cry for her because we won't be together anymore."

Cindy and I planned an immediate move to Franklin.

And of course - these six. When Radley and Caroline graduated, we bawled like babies because these first borns were growing up. When Anna and Emmy graduated we bawled like babies because they still seemed so little. Now Landry and Mills are graduated and that means that we are leaving behind people that have loved our kids for 10 years. 

10 years worth of care and education. 10 years worth of hard lessons and happy memories. 10 years worth of women caring for our children when we can't. They know their stories. They know their dreams. They know their fears. They know when we are out of town, when Gigi and Pops are coming to visit and when our next vacation will be. They probably even know things that I wish they didn't. They know how to make our kids laugh and get them to sleep. They know how to comfort them when they're scared and calm them when they're mad. They have helped us on this journey of parenting and I can't thank them enough. 

But, all good things must come to an end, and when they do we know where to go to celebrate... 

Here's to the next big milestones to come!

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