Okay, maybe not forever but at least for THREE WHOLE MONTHS! And y'all. I think I may be more excited than the kids! A year of folders, soccer, dance, work, and a husband that's only home 2 nights every week has a girl TIRED. 

They were FULL of personality for early morning pictures... 

it could have been prompted by the fresh donuts that were waiting for them... 

but I'll take it because HOW CUTE ARE MY KIDS?

Also, your day will be infinitely better every time you watch Landry during this little boomerang. 

Cindy took a feet pic of the girls last year and it was CRAZY how much they had grown. I thought it would be fun to do the same... all those knees are peeking through now!

Rad's head reaches those white bricks now!

Emmy's growth doesn't look quite as dramatic, but she is definitely taller!

They only go to school for half a day on the last day so they have to be as silly and full of fun as they can be!

I can't say enough wonderful things about Radley's teachers this year. Mr. Solis and Mrs. Ferguson were exactly what he needed! His confidence soared in class and he just loved going to school. He was most sad about leaving these two behind because "my friends move up with me and the teachers stay behind." 

Emmy was a little more nervous starting school than Radley but she moved past those nerves and totally rocked (just like I knew she would). These teachers were the perfect balance - Mrs. Kriscunias was patient and maybe let Emmy get away with some things while Ms. Gonzalez was firm and didn't let little Miss Priss get away with her normal antics. 

Emmy's class is having to say farewell to one more friend - Melisabel is moving back to Panama and we sure are going to miss her!! She is just the SWEETEST!!!

So until next year, happy summer CHE! When we return in August, you'll have one more King in your ranks... something tells me she will fit in nicely!

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