Happy birthday, Baby...

 I didn't spend Ryan's birthday with him for only the second time since we started dating. The adulting world didn't get the memo and he had to work... late. Boo. We were waiting with presents, a birthday banner, Blue Bell birthday cake ice cream and a giant SURPRISE from the kiddos! 

Everyone was quickly asleep but the celebrating was far from over because the kids had plotted and planned all week to send Ryan on a birthday scavenger hunt on Saturday! He would get four clues all leading to a destination filled with family fun... 

Clue #1:
(And yes, I let them write the poem)

Jumping World didn't open until 10am which gave the girls plenty of time to put on a show...

We bounced and laughed and played and flipped and worked up a sweat!

Ryan and I kept looking at the clock because we were tired!!  We managed to get all five of us up the "hill" to snap a quick pic before heading to the car for clue #2...

I'm not sure if you can tell, but Landry had the best time cutting these out!

We got a new pizza place in town and the kids just knew that this was the perfect stop for Ryan. We weren't majorly impressed but also not disappointed enough to never go back. The pizza is made to order and comes out so fast... like crazy quick! The kids LOVED it so that's a win!

We took a break in the hunt to run a few errands - the girls needed new shoes and we need a new dryer (because adulting is really the worst). When we were at our last stop it was time for Ryan to open clue #3... 

Emmy thought this up all by herself - she had it in her head that we HAD to do an obstacle course. I'm not going to lie, I could have thought of 1000 other things besides this to do... but we did it. And you know what... it was SO MUCH FUN! See for yourself...

(How'd you like my attempt at splicing those together!?!)

The final clue wasn't so much a clue as an invitation for him to pick what he wanted to do... and you know what he picked? Staying at home, watching a movie and eating birthday cake ice cream.

Hope you had a great day, babe! What a gift you are to all of us!

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