Dear Camp King (pt 1)...

Dear Camp King... 

You had no clue what you were getting into when you were picked into the crazy that is We5Kings. 

You see, we are loud.
We are messy.
We are a bit cray.
We are opinionated.
We cry and we laugh. 
We laugh and we cry.
We really love dance parties.
And food. 
Sometimes we all yell just because we can't hear ourselves. 


We also love loud.
And do life big.
And always have yummy food.
We believe in the good.
Our motto is "the more the merrier".
There is always room for you at our table.
Sadly we are really this cray.
We want to hear your stories, and if we can, help shape them.
We want you to feel at home in our home.
We will always have gum. 

We decided as a family that all of you would become our family, too. The kids adore you even if they haven't met you. (They may also think that you're there strictly to pick them up, kick a soccer ball, tell them they are darling, and let them win at sports.) (I'll let you guess which kid is which). 

I potentially may try to be funnier than I actually am (which is kind of impossible, because HAVE YOU MET ME?). I will absolutely use current slang wrong. I'm still not real sure of how people follow other people on Snapchat, but I do know that I love some filters. I will overgram every moment of our time together and write sappy blog posts about what it means to be an Aggie. I will tell myself that you want to read these posts, hear our stories and try really hard to impart some type of wisdom onto you in our short time before camp. 

Mostly, I will thank you for loving Texas A&M. For recognizing that there is spirit that can ne'er be told and for welcoming my family into your Aggie family. We5Kings couldn't have picked a better crew to paint our name on giant sheets that will hang in some cabin in the woods in Palestine, Texas. 

(I mean... why would that ever sound crazy?!?!)

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