Go Texans...

Radley's first season with the Texans came to an end on Saturday and I wasn't prepared for how bittersweet the ending would be. Sure, I will be thrilled for Monday/Wednesday evenings back. I won't miss 1739 questions from each daughter while I'm either working out or watching him and I'll be ecstatic to get rid of the never-ending black turf that accompanies him home. 

This has been an interesting season for Rad. He really was used to being the best on his teams and this year, well, that just wasn't the case. I'd watch him want to give in, I'd see his frustration at not getting the position he really wants to play and I'd ask if he wanted to do something else next year. He always replies with no, because he wants to play soccer. 

I'm not convinced yet that he really does or if he really does because his daddy did. Either way, it's his choice. Sure we can make him practice, but we can't make him want to be the best, or try harder, or put in more effort. Those choices all belong to him - some days he chooses to give it his all and some days, well... he let's his pride get in the way.

These boys grow up on the field - all of our kids do. Whether it's soccer or baseball. Men or women. Our children grow up through organized sports and I love having this outlet for these big life lessons.

You really do miss 100% of the shots you never take and I want him to know that we will be there cheering him on for every single shot. 

This growing up gig is hard and includes a lot more than just getting taller. 

It's trying something new and learning to lose and giving it your all and being fearless even when you're scared. It's brushing it off and getting back up and recognizing that you may not always be the best. It having tenacity and showing grit. It's all of these beautiful lessons rolled into a game.

And I'm thankful for the front row seat. This group of boys has been so much fun and I'm glad that we have an organization to foster these relationships now since this is the crew he will play with through high school. 

I never imagined I'd love being a soccer mom as much as I have... but the truth is that being his mom is the best thing ever. Soccer is just the icing on top.

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