Royally Waiting...Linkup #12

Well Happy Wednesday everyone! Around here that means that Shelly, Holly and I are dishing about what's currently happening in our small part of the interwebs. I can tell you that we have been busy little bees but I can also tell you that I have no idea what it is we've been doing. I'm a little late today because my computer is refusing to upload pictures from my phone. So I will just go a different direction for today.

#hostesswiththemostess #butreally #sorryshellyandholly

I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we are just waiting for summer!!! We only have fifteen days of school left and I don't know who's more excited about no more homework - the kids or me.


Two years ago we did the last of school big....Ryan had the backyard set up like a mini waterpark and the kids were so pumped when they got home. This year their last day is on a Thursday, so maybe we'll head to Jumping World instead.

I just love everything about summer, the slowness, the ease, the smell, the sounds, the giggles that never seem to stop. 

FIFTEEN DAYS and counting.... 

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