Dad's Day...

We had a great weekend long topped off with an exceptional Sunday. Ryan wanted nothing more than to clean out the garage - so we obliged. While we were busy throwing the most random stuff away like old paint brushes and instructions to things that we don't even own anymore,  the kids set up a giant fort made out of every single umbrella we own. 

And this is the part where I remember that I didn't take one dang picture of it. 


It was amazing. Seriously so cool - they spent hours in that thing. Reading, playing, changing clothes(!), you name it. Just normal fun. We paused for lunch, cooled down for a bit and then headed back to finish our work. Then it was time for a family water balloon fight. 

Which basically ends in tears because those things HURT y'all. Radley and I started using them as baseballs and busted them with the bat - that was actually pretty fun!

And then we went around back, set up our WT water tower, and enjoyed the view. 

I walked over to Ryan, handed him a beer, pointed to the trampoline and said, "Happy Father's Day - I got you some kids." 

And he replied, "that's all I've ever wanted."

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