So it's Monday night at 9:30pm, but I'm still getting it done!


We dropped the girls off on Monday evening to spend the week with Gigi and Pops! They were soon ready to get spoiled and Gigi and Pops were excited to have them!

(Don't judge Pops' excitement by his picture taking skills!)

Naturally, with the house to ourselves we had some BIG plans. Like make more homemade laundry detergent. It had been 11 months to the day that I posted about making this at home. 11 MONTHS y'all. This lasted approximately 335 days. I went from spending $20/month on Tide to $30.00 for the YEAR!!!

Seriously, if you haven't tried it you totally should. Besides saving money, our front load washer no longer has that weird musty smell. Our clothes smell so fresh and they are so clean! Plus - IT SAVES MONEY!!! 

We do at LEAST 5 loads of laundry per week. Double that in the summer because I hate wet swim suits and towels laying around so I was a load every day. The new supplies cost us $25.02 which means I now have $200 to spend on something fun. Like beer. 

I woke up on Tuesday morning to an empty, quiet house. I had the perfect day planned.

The morning would include: 
Delicious breakfast
Copious amounts of coffee
Gilmore Girl marathon
Catching up on some overdo projects

It was heaven. 

To end the day, I had booked some time at the spa. Ryan gave me a gift card for our anniversary in March and there was no more perfect time to use it than when I would come home to a quiet house (for the next TWO days!)

Seriously, heaven.

Meanwhile, this kid was in heaven at camp. I loved clicking through the pics for the week and seeing his smiling face have the time of his life. 

And that 72 hour staycation turned into an 8 hour retreat. Mid-way through my spa day I got a message from my mom letting me know that my MaMaw had an accident and broke her tailbone. Mom was going to have to bring the girls back to me and head to Baton Rouge. 

I'm not gonna lie. I threw myself a ginormous pity party. Like hard core. I had been looking forward to some quality quiet time. But, I was glad I got the message in time to cancel most of my spa treatments so I could head to the grocery store and prep for the girls to return. 

This wasn't at all what I had planned or what my poor momma had planned. instead of alone time with just me, I was treated to some awesome "girly girl" time with these two. So while I will never understand His plan - I have to trust it. 

On Friday I dropped Landry off at school and me and Emersyn headed to Houston for a super special made-for-6-year-olds shopping trip. 

She had been looking forward to this for ages and Ryan and I had the best time hanging out with our own American girl. 

Introducing Clarabelle Missy King - she is loved so much already!

There was no talking Emersyn out of this slumber party. 

On Saturday we headed back to Huntsville to pick up Radley. This picture was taken about 15 minutes down the road once we loaded up. Exhausted, smelly, horse, HAPPY. He had the best time and is already asking to return.

We drove from CS to Huntsville and then headed NWest to McGregor to celebrate these two and the upcoming arrival of their first kiddo! Kadie and Dan were the first people we left Radley with after he was born. We went to On the Border with Jeremy and Bonnie and sat there staring at our cell phones for a phone call. They continued to watch him every Monday and Tuesday evening for an entire year since I had to work those nights. And now they are having a BABY!!! How is it possible that the giant kid in between them was a baby himself all those years ago? Can't wait to see them as parents - they are going to be so amazing!

After a crazy long Saturday we were ready to be back to normal, which included a quick trip to Target for Rad and L to pick out her birthday gifts. Rad spotted the electronics and said, "Hey, Momma, can we go over there? Barcelona is playing." Ryan's work is done. ;)

We FINALLY saw the sunshine, so our week began as it should in the south... 

And that's us in an instant!

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