Let's Talk: Red, White, Blue

Leave it to me to forget until my early morning blog browse that today was a super fun link-up with Andrea and Erika that is ALL about the red, white and blue. I made to Shelly's bright and early and then did a face palm because

1. I forgot about the post and
2. I HAD NOT PUT ONE SINGLE decoration out for the summer yet.

I know, right? I mean, how can I even call myself a blogger/American with no July 4 decorations?


All kidding aside, I love sprucing up two spots in our house - the front porch and our mantle. So, I put on my big girl pants, struggled to open the attic door and got to decorating.

I purchased this bench for $14.99 at Walmart in 1999. I'm not sure I'd trust it enough to actually sit on it, but it has made the perfect little decoration spot in our front flower bed since I brought it home. I just draped a bunting on it from HobLob for the summer and it couldn't be cuter.

(Now if I could just work on those gardening skills).

The porch still looks a little bare - I couldn't cary the coke cooler down from the attic without dropping it, but once that's down this space will be ready for summer. In the meantime, I hung this darling yoyo bunting flag that I got me and my momma at Cracker Barrel years ago. 

I die at the cuteness. Anyone know how to make these? Or want to learn? Or want to teach me?

And then I set out some stacked star dishes, a chalkboard and a tacky Uncle Sam nutcracker. 

I moved inside and just set up a few things in the kitchen. You really can't go wrong with just stocking up on mini-flags. 

And while this technically isn't red/white/blue, it does contain some American things, like a Junior's cookbook... 

and a waltermelon candle counts, right?

and clearly the best part of this union of ours... 


I finished by setting up my favorite spot in the house. I loved the way our mantle turned out last year so I cheated a bit and just recreated the same look. 

I was able to find some baseballs and I loved how sweet it turned out.

So, there you have it! A bit of red,white and blue totally brightened up my day and now I feel officially ready for the season! 

Don't forget to head back tomorrow as me and Shelly Spiel the Beans over our favorite summer salads! Can't wait to add some great recipes to my list!

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  1. You've inspired me! I'm off to drag out my decorations! Oh, and let's craft soon, k?