It is technically still Monday, which means I am on week 3 of keeping up with our lives via my phone. Welcome to life with the InstaKings... 

After a fan-TAB-ulous weekend with some girlfriends, I came home to this heaping supply of veggies straight from my garden. Try not to be too jealous. 

I had kid duty one day last week so we headed to the bookstore for a quick stop to see if they had something I needed. It turns out, I didn't know that what I needed was this book. Y'all - Catholic or not, you have to admire Pope Francis and his true love of people. This book has already brought me to tears - the good kind and the kind that just makes you so frustrated with the entire universe. My kids have loved reading it each night and Radley really wants to write a letter to the Pope now. Check it out!

That same day, we set up shop and had a lemonade stand. We had a total of seven customers all day but they were BIG spenders, so these tiny entrepreuners did great! (Thanks, Holly, Whitney & Maegan!)  

This kid was headed off to her first OVERNIGHT camp and I still can't believe she is big enough to go. And at this point, she's already been and returned home!

I have the sweetest SIL that sent the kids this "summer fun" care package. Seriously, she is more prepared for summer than I am! 

I was so excited to get my craft on with the girls until this. 

Y'all. I suck at stuff like this. Instructions are awful, I need to see how it is done, not read about. So PTL for YouTube. 


She was ready for a few days at Camp Carolina and I am proud to report that I didn't shed one tear. She was so brave and so excited and so just incredibly ready for this big giant leap of big kid-ness. Gah. How is she this old?!?! But, no tears. (Radley did because he wanted to stay. Ha! ;) His counselors were so excited to see him back and then they were a bit bummed he left, too!)

We had an impromptu slumber party with these four so Josh and Cindy could have a date night. Radley has been really into cupcake wars, so at 9:30pm I decided, "Why not - let's bake some cupcakes!" and then sealed my status as #favoriteZiaever 

These girls spent 73 hours straight together this week and I think I only saw smiles on their faces. They were especially excited to be twins at school when it clicked that Millie could wear Emmy's clothes to school. Ha! 

I spent the day with Radley and Caroline and I took them swimming not once, but TWICE. The second time at our local "water park".  For as far back as I can remember, we would drive to the pool and my mom would sit in a chair under a tree in a hat so we'd know where to find her. We'd splash and dive and play shark - and our favorite game, chicken from the high dive. This would entail people jumping from a 10 foot diving board trying to land as close as possible to someone treading water in a the 12 foot deep end without landing on them. If you moved, you were out. #blessthe80s #andthe90s Eventually we'd take a break for some sugar from the concession stand, check in with Mom and then head back for the fun. She never rushed us. Never complained. Just read her romance novel of the day and waited. 

I'm now the mom in the hat. And I there is not better title in the world. 

That night I was supposed to have a night to myself while my 2 kiddos hung with the Munsons. I was all set up to blog/watch GG when the dang power went out. 


So, I did what any reasonable Texan would do and I saved the Blue Bell by eating it. Thankfully, Holly had power, so she swung by and grabbed me...ice cream and all. 

We FINALLY got to take this girl's 4 year pics. Dang rain has made us cancel every shoot so far. But I'm pretty sure it's going to be worth the wait... 

A glimpse into our happily ever after... 

On Saturday we could not get our hands on this girl fast enough! She had an awesome four days and was all smiles asking when she could go back.  

When I was cleaning out her trunk, I found these love letters home... 

I can wear my 7 year old neighbor's shoes. Awesome. 

Sunday we go to celebrate this guy and the kids gave us all the best present and slept until 8:30AM!!!!!!

All he wanted to do was clean out this mess... 

I'd say it paid off.


And that's us in an instant!


  1. Is it sad that cleaning out the garage is something I want to do so bad! :)

    1. I died laughing because he thought it would take an hour and a half. He crazy. It took all damn day but it was actually fun! We can be weird together!

  2. Is it sad that I hope you're lights go off again soon?! Had so much fun!