Spoonful of Sugar...

Landry had the best week ever - it was finally her turn for dance camp and her smile couldn't have been any bigger. 

It helped that she knew her bestie would be there, too, but they ended up in different rooms and I was proud that both of them still had smiles on their faces. Also, let's reflect on this height difference. These girls are only 5 months apart. 

#likemotherlikedaughter #oralsotheirdads

The theme was Mary Poppins and clearly our love for all things Disney paid off because who else just has a Mary Poppins dress laying around?? She wasn't convinced that this dress was the better option for dance which is evident by that tutu hanging out the bottom. 


There is something about seeing your child in her element and this, for now, is hers. She just shines - she literally radiates joy when she is here and because of that, all of us radiate joy, too!

I mean, can you even handle this cuteness?

I couldn't squeeze her hard enough, I was just so stinking proud!

Her entire cheering section was!

And, Mary Poppins was, too.... she was Practically Perfect in Every Way!

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  1. Fun! My daughter did a Mary Poppins dance show when she was about that age!