KBTB: June 8

This month's Kids Behind the Blog is all about Dad! This crew lucked out when they got Ryan as a dad. He's funny, he's so good at being silly. He's strong and caring. He changed every single diaper, every single night, at every single middle-of-the-night feeding. He's way more patient than me. He's good at the most random things. He's just the best. 

So here we go...

What do you like doing with Daddy?

R: Playing soccer
E: Play legos and play soccer
L: Play games like tag on the jumpoline

What was Daddy like as a little boy?

R: Soccer fan
E: Played and made new friends
L: Didn't really understand

What’s Daddy’s favorite food?

R: Anything!
E: Everything!
L: Pizza!

**this question was the easiest for all three of them**

What does Daddy do at work?

R: Works out of town, training UPS drivers to deliver packages and be safe
E: Work on his computer and walks around telling people what to do
L: Work in his office and plays on his computer

What is your favorite memory of Daddy?

R: Play my first soccer game with Daddy when he was my coach
E: When he paints my toes. 
L: Watching movies with him.

Love this fun little link-up!

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  1. How cute! My fave has to be anything, everything and pizza!

    1. They all know him so well because those are so true!

  2. Very cute. Kids and their dads warm my heart!

  3. He does sound like a great dad! I love their answers to the last question. More memories to come. From the link up.

    1. He is a great one - we are so lucky to have him! Thanks for visiting, Michelle!

  4. The answers to what Daddy does at work are so cute! Anything, everything and pizza is cute, too!

    1. Haha - he's basically a garbage disposal but we still love him! :)