Tiny Tales Thursday...

This space is usually reserved for the funny things the kids say, but today I need to remember a not-so-funny moment.

I alter between a night owl and senior citizen. Meaning I will either stay up until 2am binge watching Netflix or I am asleep exactly 3 minutes after I've tucked the kids in. Sometimes Radley has put me to bed. I basically go and go and go until my body forces sleep.

Last night was one of those night owl moments and I was going strong in some OITNB when all of a sudden I heard something.

By nature I am an over-reactor but talked myself down from grabbing my trusty letter opener.

But then I heard something again and this time it was screaming. All I could hear was Landry shouting, "Where are you? Where are you??"

I threw the computer down, jumped out of bed and ran to her side of the house to find her trying to get into the garage. It was the oddest thing. She was terrified. So I was terrified.

Two seconds later Emmy and Rad joined us because her screams had woken them up, too. She wouldn't stop crying and my heart was racing. We all sat down for a second to gather our breath. Landry had already requested that she sleep with me and I was begging Rad and Emmy to do the same because SISTER SCARED THE PEE WINE OUT OF ME!

**note, I don't actually know what that saying means, but I feel like my momma has used that expression lots so it's what I know**

She had no idea what she was doing, why she was trying to get in the garage or what her dreams had been about. She said she heard the garage door open and thought we had left her home alone.

Poor girl - I scooped her up and snuggled her tight. And proceeded to stay awake all night long because, well, she kicks a lot in her sleep.

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  1. Bless your heart - and her's too! Maybe that's why your back was jacked up today!