Show and Tell: What's in your bag

I am so excited for the random amounts of awesome that we are going to see from everyone's bag today. That random receipt, a lone marshmallow, hair ties... what awaits us?! Andrea has the best prompts for getting us to share, huh?

So here goes... this is what was in my bag yesterday...

She was packed to the brim - she looks like this lots. So if you are looking for a fun, useful, durable bag I would recommend this one! My brother bought it for me three Christmases ago and it's held up SO well!!!

So, what was inside... 

1. ARC Customizable Notebook - Cindy introduced this item to me three years ago and it is the BEST! I also have the To Do list pages,  Project Planner pages, Dividers, Pocket folders and expansion discs

I've also made my own to do sheets and calendar inserts that I was able to add after I purchased the hole punch. I should write an entire blog post on how I use this thing because it's amazing!!! You can take the sheets of paper in and out of the binder because the holes aren't closed. Gah - everyone needs this thing!

2. Laptop - because I am nothing if not a multi-tasker.
3. Random assortment of pens
4. Wallet (and as a bonus, it has cash in it!)
5. More notebooks - I am a paper girl. These two notebooks are my running list of items. I have added my own tabs like "shopping", "money", "goals", "travel", "blog" etc... so when I have an idea I have a space to write it all down. 
6. Best pens ever. (Ummm...I only have the 10 pack - I may need the 20.)
7. Half-eaten bag of peanut m&ms that I snuck into the movies last night
8. More chapstick and lip gloss than is necessary
9. Lara Bar to make up for the M&Ms ;)

I also discovered this adorable bracelet that does not belong to my girls. Anyone missing this?? 

Oh and we all have the black hole of crap, right...

The interior pocket that includes, lady products, hair bands, lotion, lint, ear buds, kleenex (new & used), EOS lip balm, and gum wrappers. 

Just keeping it real...

And that's what is in my bag! Can't wait to see yours. 



  1. I need to hear more about this customizable notebook, please!

    1. You got it - I'll bring it over and we can organize our lives together. :)

  2. That notebook sounds awesome! I totally sneak snacks into movies too!

    1. I may or may not have snuck Sonic in once or twice, too! :) And the notebook is AMAZING! Highly recommend!

  3. great post friend! so glad i found your blog through the show and tell link up today!

  4. I am obsessed with those pens as well! This link up is causing me to order tons of new "best pens ever" from amazon today!

    1. Haha - I know! I feel like half the ones I've read have said "best pens ever"! #momsandtheirpens

  5. Oh the black hole of crap -- I know it well!!!

    1. Haha - there is no telling what I will find in there!