This is six...

Six years ago at 10:20am a beautiful force of nature entered our lives and we have been celebrating ever since. I can't even believe that this little nugget of joy is SIX, but that doesn't stop it from being true. Ryan and I had already treated her to an American Girl birthday celebration, but there was still some partying to do! She requested NO cake and instead wanted sprinkle donuts with candles. 


We are an early-morning gift opening family because who can wait any longer than that?

She really is the best person to give presents to - so stinking excited about every.little.thing. Like her own scotch tape. So excited about tape, and a new dress and of course more clothes for Clarabelle. 

Every night I sing to the kids and her song is "Bushel and a Peck" - luckily its trendy so when I spotted this sweet sign, I knew she needed it. 

It's just a shame she isn't more confident. 

A quick change of clothes for dance camp for her and a morning of work for me and we were on our way. 

She got to be at dance ON her birthday and she was so thrilled. When I picked her up they all circled around her and sang the birthday song. Day.Made. 

We quickly changed into swim suits and headed to the pool. Her second request was pizza at the pool with her besties. Macy even got to join us which was awesome - especially since she was at the same dance camp and we had no idea she had signed up. Harper got to hang with us, too and Emmy was so excited to see her. And of course, the framily was there!

Ryan took off a day of work to spend with her, which was extremely awesome given it's pretty much impossible. It almost made me forgive him for losing his wallet, being late with the pizza, and not folding the laundry while I was at work. 


After 3 hours of swimming, we were all sufficiently pink and ready to go home. 

Her third request was fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. 


There was dance shows... 

slumber parties...

and lots and lots of hugs and kisses. 

I'd say six is going to be a great year!


  1. The cutest 6 year old I know! She loves so well!!!

  2. Ok...seriously...I sing bushel and a peck too and bought the cutest sign from Hobby Lobby recently. Of course it's stored away until we redo CJ's room and now I'm thinking the colors may not work with our latest thinking. :( AND..I'm pretty sure I bought that cute old navy dress and returned it because it was too short for me.

    1. I think they have tons on Etsy - I want to get signs made for each of the kids with "their songs". I sing You've Got a Friend to Radley (James Taylor, not Toy Story) and then I made one up for Landry. The dress is one of my favs!