Tiny Tales Thursday...

We were at dinner tonight and Emersyn was having a hard time sitting correctly in her chair. And clearly by "hard time" I mean she was doing ANYTHING but sitting correctly in her chair.

This whole eating dinner thing isn't new.

I cook.

They sit at the bar.

I put food on a plate.

Rad fills cups.

Emmy gets utensils.

Landry gets napkins.

Everyone eats.


Emmy never sits still and it's infuriating. I would just like my children to act like they have some sense which some days seems impossible.

So tonight, she is just up and down and leaning over her food and being silly at the dinner table. I made us fresh cookie monsters for dessert and we were in the middle of enjoying that warm, chocolate chip cookie goodness topped with ice cream.

I look up and Emmy is hanging off her chair.

So I take away the dessert.

Me: But Emmy.
E: But I want it.
Me: But I wanted you to sit still.
E: But I will now.
Me: But it's too late now.
E: Fine.
Me: Fine. eats last two bites of Emmy's dessert. 

Landry: Mommy, I weally wuv your hair wike that. It's so pwetty...

Smart move, Landry.


  1. Oh.my.word this sounds like my 6 almost 7 year old! Good move, Mama! And smart kiddo! :)