Our American Girl...

Emersyn woke up and put on her favorite outfit and we set out on a special shopping trip today....

Instead of a party or tons of gifts, she wanted to get her very own American Girl doll. She's been excited about this day since Caroline and Annaliese did this on their 6th birthdays. The night before we spent about an hour searching the website and discussing all of her options and she decided that she wanted one of the "truly me" dolls. 

Well, that's a great plan until you walk in a store that has about 1.352 options. She got a bit overwhelmed and sidetracked for a bit and just couldn't make her up mind. 

Ryan walked her around the store pointing out all of the options.

It was basically the sweetest thing you could imagine and she finally took a deep breath and made her selection. 

We'd love to introduce Clarabelle Missy King and all of her accessories. 


Gigi & Pops and MaMaw sent checks so Emmy could pick out items to go along with her doll and she had no problem spending every last dime she was allotted. 

#shegetsitfromme #andherPops #Guerciogenesrundeep

It was the shortest and most expensive shopping trip I can remember, but her smile and grateful heart made it all worth it. 

 Emersyn really couldn't wait to just get home and play. We had reservations at the AG bistro and all she wanted was to go home, eat a PB&J and introduce Clarabelle to Violet. Clarabelle has a complete classroom set-up that I hope gets years of use ahead.

And if that wasn't enough - Emmy insisted on getting prizes for Landry and Radley. "I want them to have something special, too, Momma." 


So grateful for our sweet American girl!


  1. My daughter loves American Girl and I enjoy it too, just wish it wasn't so expensive!

  2. So expensive but so fun! We try to go every two to three years to get a tiny something extra!