Friday Favorites: Fancy Pants

It's Friday y'all. I am so stinking excited, too! We have a super fun day planned ahead that I can wait to gab all about. Until then... I'm talking pants today, which if you knew me you'd know that I am not a huge fan of pants. 

Not in the "I walk around naked" way, but more in the "my legs are short and they only seem to make pants for really really tall people" kind of way. I'm a skirt/dress/leggings girl but I've found some pants that I think will be on heavy rotation during my summer of leisure. (I said that in a British accent as I was typing - I have no idea why, but I thought you should know.)

I will also say, that by pants, I really mean PJs, blue jeans and work out clothes. Full disclosure before you set your expectations too high. 

First up - PJs. 

I feel like I should start with another confession. I, like probably 87% of you, steal my hubbies pj pants on the regular. I go in his drawer, wear the pants and then put them back in the drawer knowing that I will just be wearing them again the next night. So imagine my DELIGHT and GLEE when we were cruising around Target on a family shopping trip and spotted these bad boys ON SALE.

They are the perfect lounge-y pant. 

Soft - check
Elastic - check 
Slim fit - check
Pockets - check

I can't find this exact pair on their website (probably bc they were Men's clearance) but they do have lots of ladies options!

Gah! How cute are those green ones? I may have to go this weekend because they're only available in the store. (Anyone else always annoyed by Target's website? I mean - what is up with that!?)

Nevermind - I just double checked. If anyone spots a pair at Target, grab me a small!

Next up - Blue Jeans.

I bought these fancy Rock & Republic jeans at Kohl's after I had Emersyn. They were on super super super sale at a whopping $12. I was ecstatic because I felt like R&R was a fancy brand (because Kohl's is clearly known for fancy stuff. And chewbacca.) 

So I couldn't really FIT into the jeans. They were super tight and uncomfortable and about 18 inches too long. Flash forward six years when I was finally done having babies and changed my eating habits and now, dare I say, they are a **little** big. But I LOVE them. They were still crazy long... 

Ignore the real life that's happening in that picture.

I do love them, but.. should I keep them as jeans or cut them off as some jorts? I feel like I got a little happy with the scissors and they are almost too short now. 

And finally  - work out pants. 

For the next 8 weeks my wardrobe will basically rotate between my selection of gym gear. I decided to get crazy and bought me a colorful pair at the Wally World. 

They don't seem to have the ones I bought online, I got the Avia brand and I think they were on sale for $7 or $9! They do have some printed Danskin leggings on sale here and here

I splurged and got a tank to match. Exact one here

Also on sale. 

(It should be noted that I was in bed when I realized I hadn't snapped these workout clothes pics. So I got out of bed and even put on a sports bra. Commitment, y'all.)

So there you have it - my favorite fancy pants these days! Let me know what you think about the jeans and let me know your fav brands, too! 

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm ready to be in yoga pants every dang day!

  2. I like the jeans. Too bad they are too long though!

    1. Well, I chopped them off but now I'm thinking they may need to become shorts!

  3. Wal-Mart for the win! Love those workout pants!!!

    1. I hate to admit it, but yes - Wally World did good!

  4. You know I have the opposite prob with jeans...always too short for me. I'm all about these pj pants..but typically they are too short for me too..and so are my husbands! yikes!