Our week started with this tiny dancer heading to Mary Poppins dance camp! She was so ready for a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious time! 

We've been hitting the pool a TON this summer - my goal is to bring the kiddos at least twice/week. I was so excited to get a fun treat from my friends at Dr. Smith's complete with some summer essentials. Y'all - I can't recommend enough having this spray in your beach bag. The summer was when my kiddos had their worst diaper rash - the heat and moisture mixed with sun and sometimes sand = OUCH. Spray this stuff on every time and those beachy buns will be well protected!

Thanks to Shelly's awesome summer celebration post, I was all prepared to make ice cream sodas with the kids - complete with some homemade ice cream! All the fun went down on Snapchat so feel free to follow along with our day to day chaos - you can find us @katygking. 

If you're wondering how it turned out, well... let's just say my kids basically drank a cup of half and half with some sugar mixed in... and didn't complain one bit. Next time we need to use more ice

On Tuesday, the bigs did some good at our favorite volunteer spot while Landry was perfecting  her dancing feet. 

You know it's summer time when the ENTIRE family (momma included) spends 24 hours with friends. We drove about 25 minutes to our sweet friends, the Pattons, enjoyed some pool time, sunshine and beer (for the moms)... then ended our night with pizza, music, brownies and maybe some more beer. We woke up and repeated the morning and left in time to make it home for lunch and THREE HOUR NAPS!!!! #winning 

It was time, we introduced the kiddos (mainly Radley) to Scrabble. Hoping to make this a weekly game event until he eventually gets good enough to beat me and then we will quit. 


Saturday we were on our way to PAR-TAY in Waco for our friend, Ryan's, FORTIETH!

How in the world are we old enough to be married to 40 year olds? Seriously, we were JUST in high school. We had the BEST night celebrating our sweet friend that, bless his heart, was stuck with all of us when he married in. (Just like all of the husbands.) We laughed all night long - I don't know who had more fun, us or all of our kiddos that were out running around until well after midnight. The whole night was perfect, right down to the fireflies that kept sparkling throughout the evening. 

Ryan could tell I didn't want to leave - the next day he even said, "I can ask for a transfer to Waco or Belton, I know you want to live next to your friends." Y'all - I never thought I'd be the girl that moved back home, but there really is just something so special about a home town. I love it. I love my friends. I love how easy it is with them each time we are together. There is zero planning needed, we just show up, eat, laugh and love. And BONUS, our mommas usually clean up the mess!

HA! ;)

That's us in an instant! Have a blessed week!

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  1. I just love your Insta updates! And, thank you guys so much for helping out at the Food Bank! Hopefully we'll see you guys next time!