Another week, another view of life from my phone...

Y'all. I can't get enough of these snapchat filters. Yes, I joined the dark side and have Snapchat BUT it is so much fun. I may be the most boring snapper (is that what it is?) out there, but feel free to follow - I'm katygking. 

But, these filters. I made a series of videos and sent them Amber the day before she was scheduled to have baby#3 and y'all - I die. I DIE from the funny. It's just awesome. I mean... 

I always take a sleeping pic of the kids the night before their birthday; I guess part of me wants to hang on to that "little" as long a possible. No matter how hard I try, they keep growing up and this one was jumping all the way to SIX. How in the world did that happen??

She requested a sprinkle donut and candles - no cake. 

First pair of wedges - she could not have been more thrilled! Also, the $1 spot birthday banner should have come into our lives a long time ago - I think it's going to become a staple around here except for golden birthdays. It's just perfect. I maybe should go buy a few more incase this one breaks. 

She spent her morning at dance camp and afternoon with her besties at the pool. 

She even let other people tag along.


We spent 3 hours in the sun and after everyone was home, cleaned up and quiet, we found Landry had put herself to bed for a late nap. 

I'd say Emmy's day was pretty awesome from start to finish.

Presents - check
Swimming - check
Homemade cookies - check
Besties and Dolls - check
Massive slumber party - check

And as if the day celebrating Emersyn wasn't fun enough - JACOB ACOSTA joined in the fun!

We snuck a late night visit in with Momma and baby and it was the sweetest way to end the day. Celebrating life. 

On Wednesday we got to witness the HOURS of handwork these girls (and their dolls) had put in during dance camp....so so so cute. 

She has always loved specs - this time she designed her own. Warby Parker should be calling any minute now... 


This is the face of a person about to head out on a girls' weekend road trip to the lake!

This is the view of that lake. 

And this is the view again the next morning with coffee and a book. 

And these are the most DIVINE late night snacks ever. 

Terd droppings

6 cups cocoa puffs
1 cup sugar
1 cup LIGHT karo syrup
1 jar crunchy PB

Heat karo syrup and stir in sugar until melted. Add PB and stir until creamy. Mix with cocoa puffs. Plop on wax paper and let cool. 

Eat them all. 

You know the weekend was awesome when you have 4 pictures to show for it. A much needed time away with some DZ sisters and new friends, too. Drinking until we laugh, laughing until we cry and ending the night with some dance parties - I'd say near perfection. 

Oh, and we stopped at a winery on the way out. Not too shabby at all. 

And that's us in an instant!

Don't forget to join me and Shelly tomorrow for another Spiel the Beans - we are talking all about vacation planning!